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  • March Newsletter and Potluck Produce List 2/28-3/12/16

    February 28, 2016

    This week’s box is filled with various delights to create outstanding concoctions that leaves everyone on their toes! Make a mystery meal by adding a little of everything such as garlic, rutabaga, onions, cauliflower,  zucchini squash that will leave everyone asking, what is this strange looking can’t stop eating dish!!! The most delicious mangoes are added to the box but for perfection, patiently hold back the overbearing temptations for about a week and a few days to eat it!  - Below you will find events information and exciting host locations […]

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  • Cooking Class and Color is in the Air Produce List 2/15-2/27/16

    February 14, 2016

    This week’s box is filled with vibrant colors to bring all of your meals to live! Red beets with tops and baby rainbow carrots will partner for an delicious and beautiful veggie soup for the chilly evenings! To charm your elegant dinner table, we have found the perfect recipe on Pinterest for a savory stuffed mushroom! – Below you will find Cooking classes information and exciting host locations so you can follow where Endlessly Organic is spreading tasty organic fruits and veggies!  – Want […]

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