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  • Bringing back a twist Produce List and Recipe 7/31- 8/13/16

    July 30, 2016

    This week every box contains a twist, we are bringing back the Giant Portobello Mushrooms, and pairing them with some beautiful red tomatoes spinach and sweet potatoes. For our Paleo Box members, we are bring back yam, so just toss those bad-boys on the grill! Oh, by the way, those delicious juicy plum looking fruits you will bite into are actually pluots. They are incredible! For the Fruit lover’s twist, we are bringing back figs. They are so sweet you can eat them for desert, or lunch… […]

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  • SLAWsome Produce List and Recipe 7/15-7/30/16

    July 16, 2016

    We are at the peak of summer and all we could think about was SLAW. Coleslaw, Asian Slaw, Aloha Slaw, Texas Slaw, every where! As the perfect combination of sweet and savory, DRESS your dish ahead of time, and take it to a BBQ or serve it during the week as an awesome side dish. Making it ahead of time will SHRED the time you need to be in the kitchen. To cool off during the afternoon enjoy the flavorful […]

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  • EO Summer Cooking Contest 2016

    July 9, 2016

    Endlessly Organic’s Summer Cooking Contest Everyone deserves their own cooking show! Now it’s your chance of getting creative, showing off your cooking skills and getting that 5 minutes of fame!  - Sleeves up, aprons on, measuring cups out, rally up the kids because it’s time to get messy! Share with us a video of you making the most exquisite and yummy recipe!  - Check out below the rules, how you can win, and what deliciousness could be coming your way.  - […]

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  • Hot or Cold Produce List and Recipe 7/4-7/15/16

    July 2, 2016

    It’s hot outside in the sunshine, and cool and cozy indoors with summer rain. So this week’s box can be served hot or cold. Delicious bok choy can be served warm in a stir fry with jumbo red onions. Be aware the spaghetti squash is so full of flavor you will not be able to stop eating! Try the kale cooked, or massaged into a summer salad! As a mid day refreshment try the plout, so tasty! The possibilities are, well, […]

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