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  • Earth Day Box Produce List and Recipes 04/23 – 05/06/2017

    April 22, 2017

    This week we have some fresh new varieties in the mixed and veggie boxes. We have added celery for incredible finger food for you to have with the red pepper hummus! Check our Pinterest for the recipe! If you’re going to make a raw kale salad, massage a little apple cider vinegar into the kale leaves. It will help break down the leaves to make them soft and edible. Make sure you massage all of the leaves with the cider vinegar so it does […]

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  • Color Bloom Box Produce List and Recipes 04/08 – 04/22/2017

    April 8, 2017

    We have so many beautiful yellow Sunburst Squash, Green Kale, Purple Cabbage right from the back yard. Together they bring vibrant colors to our tables. The most delicious grape tomatoes that will go incredibly well with Snow peas. If you have a crock pot we have the most delicious honey glazed carrots recipes for you to try as well on Pinterest!  . Jalapenos on the Hot Hot Juice box to help with the digesting!  . We couldn’t hold back our desire to […]

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