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Protein Box
You will receive your produce pre-packed in an environmentally friendly recyclable box

Protein Box

Meats and Cheese

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Protein Box 

The Protein Box includes 6-7 varieties of protein: 3 - 5 different varieties of meats 1 variety of cheese. 

We create combinations of meats from the farmers below. 

  • Applegate (Cheese/Hotdog/Sausage/Bacon/Deli Meats)
  • Smart Chicken (Chicken)
  • Freebird (Chicken)
  • Plainville (Turkey)
  • Grateful Harvest (Steak/Beef Jerky)
  • Organic Valley (Sour Cream/Butter/Cheese)
  • Amaltheia (Cheese)
  • Trickling Springs (Cheese/Milk)
  • Coleman  (Chicken)
  • Natural by Nature (Butter/Milk/Cheese)
  • Organic Prairie (Pork/Ground Beef))


This box contains pre-selected fresh that is 100% USDA Certified Organic.

Pick up your delicious protein box every other week from one of our many pick up locations or home delivery. (Due to the logistics of how the Protein Box works once you sign up, we will have to organize your delivery day. We need groups of 12 people ordering the Protein Box!)

*Members receive a produce list email on the first Saturday of the new delivery cycle. This will have the list of items coming in the next box, in addition to storage tips and recipe ideas! Check out What’s Fresh This Week to see our current list! 


Sample of a Protein Box:

  • 16oz Boneless Top Sirloin Steak
  • 8oz Mild Cheddar Cheese
  • 1.3lbs Chicken Wings
  • 1-1.5lbs Turkey Breast Tenderloins
  • 12oz Chicken/Apple Sausage
  • 8oz Sunday Bacon