Vacation and Donation Hold

Vacation Hold

If you select the Vacation Hold option notifications are required by Wednesday at MIDNIGHT of the week prior to your requested hold date. You will not be charged for your produce while you are on vacation.You will be charged before you leave to reserve the produce for delivery upon your return. Notification should be emailed or requested through the website. A restart date is required at the time of suspension and shall not exceed 60 days, and Endlessly Organic reserves the right to charge a hold fee.  If membership is not restarted in 60 days, Endlessly Organic reserves the right to retain any monies charged and collected, not to exceed one delivery payment as liquidated damages not as a penalty.  This does not restrict the member’s right to have a substitute pick up his/her produce at any time. Members may suspend membership up to five times a year without the risk of loosing their spot in the group.


Donation Hold

If you select the Donation Hold option, your produce will be re-routed to a family in need. Your card will still be charged for your subscription.