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Biodynamic Raisins
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Biodynamic Raisins

Biodynamic California Raisins - 5lbs

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  • One serving of California Raisins (1/4 cup or 40 grams) delivers dietary fiber, potassium and important antioxidants. 
  • Raisins are naturally fat free and cholesterol free. 
  • Raisins are one of the few foods providing naturally occurring inulin, a dietary fiber that supports healthy digestion. 
  • Raisins rank as one of the best sources of antioxidants. They contain catechins, a compound from this group. 
  • Raisins are a delicious, convenient and affordable addition to recipes, snacks and meals—they bring out flavor while boosting nutrition.

What does "Biodynamic" mean?

The Biodynamic movement originated in 1924 in a series of lectures by the Austrian scientist and philosopher, Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Steiner is the founder of the Anthroposophical movement. Anthroposophy, which means the wisdom of man, refers to what Steiner called "spiritual science." Anthroposophy articulates a broad spiritual view of the human being set within the context of man's past, present and future evolution. It encompasses a profound awareness and utmost respect for both the visible and invisible forces that continue to shape human life.  Biodynamics is a science of life-forces, a recognition of the basic principles at work in nature, and an approach to agriculture which takes these principles into account to bring about balance and healing.  
Biodynamics is an ongoing path of knowledge rather than an assemblage of methods and techniques, or a mere substitution of synthetic materials for non-synthetic (organic) materials.  
The biodynamic farmer tends to be a lifelong student of Anthroposophy: The study of man and his spiritual relationship with the universe. 
The use of cosmic rhythms: The movement and presence of the sun, moon, planets and stars contributes to the life, growth and form of the plant. The movement or rhythm of each cosmic force can be incorporated in the timing of ground preparation, sowing, cultivation and harvest of a crop. 
The use of the ancient practice, farming with planetary rhythms: Lunar and astrological cycles play a key role in timing biodynamic practices, such as the making of biodynamic preparations and planting and cultivation schedules. Recognition of celestial influences on plant growth are part of the biodynamic consciousness which recognizes that subtle energy forces affect biological systems. The most prominently known biodynamic agricultural calendar in the United States is Stella Natura – it contains daily and monthly astrological details, and lists suggested times for planting root, leaf, flowering, and fruiting crops. 
Ultimately, the goals of biodynamics is to bring… 
The unique aspects of the farm to a point where it is recognized in the quality of the farm products that come out of it.   

The vitality of the heavens to bear in food production, so that the consumers of biodynamic product are enlivened in both health and in spirit.

Raisins are Nature's Candy - all Biodynamic, and fresh from the farm!  Purchase the 5LB bag of raisins today and pick up your order with your next produce delivery.