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Medjool Dates
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Medjool Dates

Organic Dates - 2.2lbs

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Dates are the energy-dense fruit of the date palm -- an enormous, ancient tree with a crowning top reminiscent of the coconut palm.  Sweet, full of fiber and potassium, and delicious!

Dietary Fiber

With about 1.6 grams per date, Medjools are an excellent source of dietary fiber. A 3.5-ounce serving of the fruit provides 6.7 grams of fiber, or 27 percent of the daily value. All dates are especially high in soluble fiber, the type that promotes and helps maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels. Dates contain a particularly beneficial type of soluble fiber known as beta-D-glucan. In addition to its usual function as a soluble fiber, beta-D-glucan can also absorb and hold water, giving it the ability to add bulk and softness to stools -- a quality predominantly associated with insoluble fiber.


Medjool dates are rich in potassium, a mineral essential to a range of basic physiological processes. According to “The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book,” body cells contain more potassium than any other mineral. It helps regulate blood pH, is required to maintain intracellular fluid balance and is used to convert glucose into usable energy. Potassium also maintains intracellular fluid balance and is involved in hormone secretion, muscle contraction and nerve transmission. Low potassium levels are linked to high blood pressure. Medjool dates are higher in potassium than oranges, bananas and spinach, providing 20 percent of the nutrient’s daily value per 3.5-ounce serving.

*USDA Certified Organic