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Paleo Box
You will receive your produce pre-packed in an environmentally friendly recyclable box

Paleo Box

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The Paleo Box includes 8-11 varieties of vegetables and 4-6 varieties of fruits.  This box only contains items acceptable for the Paleo diet.

Paleo Box ($59.50) - This box dedicated to a Paleo diet.  No white potatoes, etc.  While your particular diet may vary slightly, our goal is to provide you with the basics.  We will adhere as closely to our mixed boxes as possible so that you can use the recipes and sub out the non-paleo items with those in this box.

This box contains pre-selected seasonal produce that is 100% USDA Certified Organic.

Pick up your fresh produce box every other week from one of our many pick up locations.

*Members receive a produce list email on the first Saturday of the new delivery cycle. This will have the list of items coming in the next box, in addition to storage tips and recipe ideas! Check out What’s Fresh This Week to see our current list! 

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