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Organic Cashew
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Organic Cashew

Raw Organic Cashew Nuts - 2lbs

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Cashew nuts come from the cashew tree, a native plant to Brazil’s Amazon rain forest. The tree grows a pear-shaped fruit called “cashew apple,” and the cashew nut, which is actually a “true fruit” is found attached to the bottom of the cashew-apple.

Monosaturated-fatty acids

Cashews are extremely rich in monosaturated-fatty acids such as oleic and palmitoleic. These essential acids are very “heart-friendly” helping lower the bad LDL-cholesterol and increase the good HDL-cholesterol. A diet containing these acids may help prevent coronary artery disease and strokes.


Cashews are abundant in minerals like manganese, potassium, copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, and selenium. A handful of these nuts may be enough to prevent deficiency diseases. Zinc, for example, functions as a co-factor for certain enzymes that regulates growth and development, gonadal function, digestion, and DNA synthesis.

Other Benefits

According to research, cashews has been linked to cancer prevention, heart health, and weight control.

*USDA Certified Organic