Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Endlessly Organic?

    Endlessly Organic is an organic buying club that combines the buying power of organic produce lovers throughout the Southeast United States to purchase farm-fresh organic produce at a discounted rate.  We also provide you with many of the tools necessary to commit to a healthy lifestyle, including storage tips, recipes, cooking classes, and more!

  • What is an Organic Buying Club, and what sets Endlessly Organic apart?

    An Organic Buying Club is a group of people coming together as a community to combine their buying power to purchase farm-fresh organic produce at a discounted rate.

    What sets us apart is our expertise in sourcing and selecting a cornucopia of quality foods and bringing them to you at excellent prices. When you join Endlessly Organic, your produce box will be overflowing with beautiful fresh organic fruits and vegetables, at a cost significantly lower than the conventional produce at your local supermarket.

    We only source 100% USDA Certified Organic produce.  Endlessly Organic is committed to supporting our local farmers.  To bring our clients the variety of produce that they need to maintain optimal health, we will also include produce that is shipped directly from non-local farms.

  • How does it work?

    3 Easy Steps:

    1. Order a produce box subscription and select a pick-up location. 

    2. Pick up your order every other week on delivery day. 

    3. Enjoy your amazing veggies! Use our tips to store and cook your produce during the week. 

    We offer several different box options:  

    - Mixed Box (Medium & Large): 8-11 varieties of vegetables and 4-6 varieties of fruit.
    - Juicer’s Box: 8-10 different varieties of vegetables and fruits specifically for juicing or blending in a high power blender.
    - Fruit Lover’s Box: 6-9 different varieties of seasonal fruits.
    - Very Veggie Box: 10-14 different varieties of seasonal vegetables. 


    The produce changes with each delivery and will last about two weeks, assuming that the most perishable items are used first. 

    Members receive a produce list email on the first Saturday of the new delivery cycle. This will have the list of items coming in the next box, in addition to storage tips and recipe ideas! Check out What’s Fresh This Week to see our current list! Visit our Facebook Food Pics Album to see a few samples of our produce boxes.

    If at any time you have questions concerning the option that is best for you, simply contact us.

  • Why is it sometimes stated: “substitutions do occur”?

    All of the produce that we distribute is farm-fresh. It was not picked a week ago and placed on a shelf awaiting our order, it was growing in the sunshine.  It simply may not be ready for consumption.  We make our weekly selections based on what the farmers tell us is being harvested, but it is only their best guess.  Although these selections are almost always accurate, only Mother Nature really knows.  We will however try to match the substitution as closely as possible, apples for apples.

  • Can a member request substitutions?

    No.  We source from our growers in advance to reserve specific harvests.  We are not a store, so we do not have any additional product from which to make substitutions.  Some hosts do offer a swap box where members can swap with one another.  Some members also have swap buddies.  At the EO world headquarters we love to swap among ourselves! 

  • What is the commitment?

    There are NO START-UP COSTS AND NO MEMBERSHIP FEES.  You are simply paying for what you receive.  Payments are made in advance so that your produce is ready when you arrive at your pick-up location.

  • What is the billing cycle?

    You pay for your first pick up when your order is placed.  On the day of your first pick up, you card is automatically charged for the next pick up, and so on. So, beginning with your first pick up, you are always paying two weeks in advance of your next pick up.

  • How can I get my produce for free?  Can I be a "host"?

    Each group has a Host.  The Host is responsible for counting the boxes when they arrive and signing for the delivery.  The host must then be available at a specific time block on delivery day to distribute the members' boxes. Once the boxes have all be picked up, the host must fax or email the sign-in sheet to EO. In return, this volunteer will receive all of his/her produce for free.  Visit the Host page for more information.

  • What areas do you cover?

    As long as we have a host and a minimum of 15 members, we can service groups throughout the entire Southeast United States.

  • I would like to share this information via my e-newsletter, do you have a .jpg file?

    Yes.  Simply contact us and our graphics team will create one to suit your needs.

  • How can I cancel my membership?

    We have a 30 day cancellation policy, since your orders are paid for and reserved in advance. You will receive 1-2 more orders depending on your cancellation date within the billing cycle.

    To cancel your membership, please login and fill out the Cancellation Request form in the “Your Account” section. Please allow 72 business hours for your request to be processed. Your cancellation is not complete until you receive a cancellation confirmation email.  

    If you are unable to pick up your final order(s), please email us and we will gladly donate it to a family in need.

  • I’m going on vacation, what happens to my produce?

    You may set up a Vacation Hold from the "Your Account" Section up to one week prior to your delivery date.  If you are within one week of your delivery date, kindly contact us and we will try to reroute your produce to a family in need.  If you would prefer to donate your produce while you are away, you will have that option through the Vacation Hold tab of the Your Account Section as well.

  • Can I return the box and ice pack for re-use?

    We are not allowed to re-use the boxes. We do inspections at our warehouse, conducted by the USDA, and they are strict. We did try re-using the ice packs for a while, but even when we re-cleaned them on site, we could not get them as clean as brand new. It does feel wasteful, we understand, but your health safety is our #1 priority.

    That being said, there here is more info: 1. The boxes are as recyclable as possible. They fold completely flat and can be recycled at 100%. 2. We collect the ice packs at EO events. Those are brought to a food bank not far from our office. It is an anonymous food bank, and some recipients drive from very far away. The ice packs are packed with the meat, chicken, fish (anything wrapped and perishable) for travel. You will be reminded when event notices go out.